• Fisher 21

    Fisher 21

    Build year: 2019

    Motor: Honda

    LOA: 6.40 m

    Width: 2.25 m

    Draft: 0.90 m

    Lying in: Kvistgårde, DK

    Price: GBP 22,300

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  • Bavaria 44

    Bavaria 44

    Build year: 2004

    Motor: Volvo Penta D2 55B

    LOA: 13.95 m

    Width: 4.25 m

    Draft: 1.65 m

    Lying in: Skive, DK

    Price: GBP 89,800

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  • Amel Euros 39

    Amel Euros 39

    Build year: 1971

    Motor: Renault X4 M90 A

    LOA: 11.75 m

    Width: 3.30 m

    Draft: 1.55 m

    Lying in: Ravenna, IT

    Price: GBP 28,900

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  • Nimbus 320

    Nimbus 320

    Build year: 2007

    Motor: Volvo Penta D 4

    LOA: 9.80 m

    Width: 3.20 m

    Draft: 1.00 m

    Lying in: Middelfart, DK

    Price: GBP 112,600

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  • Husbåd


    Build year: 1949

    Motor: Scania DSI 11 ( 1988)

    LOA: 27.27 m

    Width: 6.56 m

    Draft: 2.29 m

    Lying in: Odense, DK

    Price: GBP 788,600

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  • Helmsman 35 - Købsaftale ude

    Helmsman 35 - Købsaftale ude

    Build year: 1978

    Motor: Yanmar 3GM30FC

    LOA: 10.52 m

    Width: 3.57 m

    Draft: 1.95 m

    Lying in: Holbæk, DK

    Price: GBP 22,800

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  • Beneteau 50 Farr Yacht Design

    Beneteau 50 Farr Yacht Design

    Build year: 2002

    Motor: Yanmar

    LOA: 15.50 m

    Width: 4.50 m

    Draft: 2.30 m

    Lying in: Rome, IT

    Price: GBP 125,000

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  • Beneteau Evasion 32

    Beneteau Evasion 32

    Build year: 1978

    Motor: Volvo Penta

    LOA: 9.70 m

    Width: 3.00 m

    Draft: 1.40 m

    Lying in: København, DK

    Price: GBP 17,800

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  • Najad 340

    Najad 340

    Build year: 1992

    Motor: Volvo Penta 2003T

    LOA: 10.24 m

    Width: 3.40 m

    Draft: 1.40 m

    Lying in: Kolding, DK

    Price: GBP 54,300

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  • Elan Impression 384

    Elan Impression 384

    Build year: 2006

    Motor: Volvo Penta D2-40

    LOA: 11.25 m

    Width: 3.91 m

    Draft: 1.80 m

    Lying in: Flensburg, DE

    Price: GBP 79,500

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  • Delfino 65

    Delfino 65

    Build year: 2008

    Motor: Catepillar C7 x 2

    LOA: 21.55 m

    Width: 6.20 m

    Draft: 1.70 m

    Lying in: Grækenland, GR

    Price: GBP 934,800

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  • NC Kryssare

    NC Kryssare

    Build year: 1976

    Motor: Yanmar 2YM

    LOA: 9.65 m

    Width: 2.65 m

    Draft: 1.45 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 19,600

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  • Fiskebåt


    Build year: 1956

    Motor: Volvo Penta 102A

    LOA: 14.14 m

    Width: 4.87 m

    Draft: 2.60 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 22,900

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    Build year: 2017

    Motor: Yamaha

    LOA: 9.07 m

    Width: 2.75 m

    Draft: 1.75 m

    Lying in: Värmdö, SE

    Price: GBP 27,500

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  • Venus 31

    Venus 31

    Build year: 1979

    Motor: Buck DV 36

    LOA: 9.30 m

    Width: 3.20 m

    Draft: 1.40 m

    Lying in: Thurø, DK

    Price: GBP 17,100

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  • Princess 57

    Princess 57

    Build year: 2005

    Motor: Volvo Penta 2x D 12

    LOA: 17.37 m

    Width: 4.83 m

    Draft: 1.20 m

    Lying in: Svendborg, DK

    Price: GBP 376,600

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  • Bavaria 40 Vision

    Bavaria 40 Vision

    Build year: 2007

    Motor: Volvo D2-40

    LOA: 12.00 m

    Width: 4.00 m

    Draft: 2.20 m

    Lying in: Thessalonikki, GR

    Price: GBP 84,200

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  • Quicksilver Ørnvik 675 Pilothouse

    Quicksilver Ørnvik 675 Pilothouse

    Build year: 2016

    Motor: Mercury 200 HK Verado

    LOA: 6.30 m

    Width: 2.54 m

    Draft: 0.53 m

    Lying in: Faaborg, DK

    Price: GBP 44,600

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  • Hallberg-Rassy Mistral 33

    Hallberg-Rassy Mistral 33

    Build year: 1975

    Motor: Vetus M4.15

    LOA: 10.18 m

    Width: 3.02 m

    Draft: 1.47 m

    Lying in: Jyllinge, DK

    Price: GBP 26,900

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  • Maxum 2800 scr

    Maxum 2800 scr

    Build year: 1999

    Motor: Mercruiser 7.4

    LOA: 8.87 m

    Width: 3.00 m

    Draft: 1.00 m

    Lying in: Vordingborg Nordhavn, DK

    Price: GBP 28,000

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  • LM 23

    LM 23

    Build year: 1969

    Motor: Yanmar 2GM

    LOA: 7.10 m

    Width: 2.40 m

    Draft: 0.90 m

    Lying in: Vordingborg Nordhavn, DK

    Price: GBP 4,100

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  • Bayliner 842 Ciera Sport

    Bayliner 842 Ciera Sport

    Build year: 2019

    Motor: Mercury

    LOA: 8.88 m

    Width: 2.71 m

    Draft: 1.00 m

    Lying in: Helsingør Nordhavn, DK

    Price: GBP 94,900

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  • Bayliner 3688

    Bayliner 3688

    Build year: 1994

    Motor: HINO Diesel

    LOA: 11.38 m

    Width: 3.88 m

    Draft: 1.00 m

    Lying in: Thurø, DK

    Price: GBP 54,300

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  • Dacapo 8100 Fly

    Dacapo 8100 Fly

    Build year: 1989

    Motor: Yanmar 4LH-TE

    LOA: 9.10 m

    Width: 3.05 m

    Draft: 0.75 m

    Lying in: Nykøbing Falster, DK

    Price: GBP 32,600

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  • Colin Archer

    Colin Archer

    Build year: 1980

    Motor: Saab

    LOA: 10.68 m

    Width: 3.50 m

    Draft: 1.75 m

    Lying in: Oslo, NO

    Price: GBP 40,000

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