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Super Yachts

  • Bermuda Ketch Akela - O.W.Dahlstrøm yacht

    Bermuda Ketch Akela - O.W.Dahlstrøm yacht

    Build year: 1951

    Motor: Perkins 6 cyl 6.354 M

    LOA: 24.00 m

    Width: 4.35 m

    Draft: 2.85 m

    Lying in: Svendborg, DK

    Price: GBP 332,800

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  • Blue water sailor ''Bodyguard'' 45

    Blue water sailor ''Bodyguard'' 45

    Build year: 2016

    Motor: Perkins

    LOA: 13.71 m

    Width: 4.25 m

    Draft: 2.20 m

    Lying in: Svendborg, DK

    Price: GBP 248,200

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  • Este 94 Classic Long-Keel Sloop

    Este 94 Classic Long-Keel Sloop

    Build year: Not specified

    Motor: ingen

    LOA: 29.00 m

    Width: 6.20 m

    Draft: 3.13 m

    Lying in: Rome, IT

    Price: GBP 2,938,300

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  • Gaffelriggad Ketch "Elna"

    Gaffelriggad Ketch "Elna"

    Build year: 2012

    Motor: Ford 2725 E

    LOA: 11.50 m

    Width: 4.20 m

    Draft: 1.55 m

    Lying in: Göteborg, SE

    Price: GBP 338,200

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  • Hallberg-Rassy 54

    Hallberg-Rassy 54

    Build year: 2010

    Motor: Volvo-Penta D4-180

    LOA: 16.74 m

    Width: 4.70 m

    Draft: 2.30 m

    Lying in: Hundvåg - Stavanger, w...

    Price: GBP 626,000

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  • Hanse 388

    Hanse 388

    Build year: 2020

    Motor: Yanmar

    LOA: 11.40 m

    Width: 3.90 m

    Draft: 2.06 m

    Lying in: Oslo, NO

    Price: GBP 221,700

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  • Hanse 575

    Hanse 575

    Build year: 2014

    Motor: Volvo Penta D3

    LOA: 17.15 m

    Width: 5.20 m

    Draft: 2.85 m

    Lying in: Split Croatia

    Price: GBP 236,100

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  • Husbåd


    Build year: 1949

    Motor: Scania DSI 11 ( 1988)

    LOA: 27.27 m

    Width: 6.56 m

    Draft: 2.29 m

    Lying in: Odense, DK

    Price: GBP 778,300

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  • Husbåd CUBO 105

    Husbåd CUBO 105

    Build year: 2017

    Motor: Ingen motor

    LOA: 18.47 m

    Width: 5.47 m

    Draft: 0.98 m

    Lying in: Nexø, DK

    Price: GBP 445,600

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  • Ketch 2 mastet

    Ketch 2 mastet

    Build year: 1966

    Motor: Scania 2 stk.

    LOA: 18.85 m

    Width: 5.55 m

    Draft: 2.45 m

    Lying in: svendborg, DK

    Price: GBP 321,500

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  • Lagoon 400 S2

    Lagoon 400 S2

    Build year: 2013

    Motor: Yanmar 3YM30

    LOA: 11.97 m

    Width: 7.25 m

    Draft: 1.21 m

    Lying in: Hundested, DK

    Price: GBP 244,800

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  • Nimbus 305 Coupé

    Nimbus 305 Coupé

    Build year: 2019

    Motor: Volvo Penta D3-220 I-H

    LOA: 10.07 m

    Width: 3.25 m

    Draft: 0.95 m

    Lying in: Aarhus, DK

    Price: GBP 203,100

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  • Nimbus 365 Coupe

    Nimbus 365 Coupe

    Build year: 2022

    Motor: Volvo Penta D 6

    LOA: 11.56 m

    Width: 3.50 m

    Draft: 1.14 m

    Lying in: Svendborg, DK

    Price: GBP 392,600

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  • Princess 50

    Princess 50

    Build year: 2005

    Motor: Volvo Penta D12-675

    LOA: 14.99 m

    Width: 4.47 m

    Draft: 1.20 m

    Lying in: Middelfart, DK

    Price: GBP 309,700

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  • Storebro SRC 475 Commander

    Storebro SRC 475 Commander

    Build year: 2002

    Motor: Volvo Penta TAMD 74 EDC

    LOA: 14.20 m

    Width: 4.25 m

    Draft: 1.00 m

    Lying in: Enköping, SE

    Price: GBP 273,400

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