YachtBroker has many years of experience in selling boats

Buying a boat is a significant decision that involves a number of complex factors and legal aspects.

That's why it's important to get professional advice from a boat broker like YachtBroker, who has extensive experience in the boat trade.

What you get by choosing YachtBroker

Do you need advice and guidance before jumping into a boat purchase?

Inspection of the boat
YachtBroker takes you by the hand as your buyer advisor and helps you review the condition of the boat.
Price negotiation
We offer an analysis of the boat's price in relation to similar boats offered and sold.
Purchase agreement and documents
We review the purchase agreement and other relevant documents related to the transaction.
Find your dream boat
YachtBroker will help you find your dream boat anywhere in the world - plus take care of the inspection, negotiation, the entire sales process and transportation home.

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It's all about feeling safe

Buying a boat can be a big and important decision. That's why it can be a good idea to have a buyer advisor on your side. YachtBroker takes you by the hand as your buyer advisor and can help you with Viewing, negotiating and reviewing documents.

YachtBroker is Scandinavia's largest chain of professional boat brokers, helping hundreds of satisfied customers buy and sell boats every year.