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Are you thinking about selling your boat? Maybe you're looking for something bigger, or smaller - more comfort or just a different type than you've had before?

The way to sell your boat is very simple: just fill in the form below and you will be contacted by your local YachtBroker who will help you through the entire sales process.

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When you request a boat valuation at YachtBroker, you get a thorough and professional assessment of what you can expect from a sale. At YachtBroker, we know how the market is developing and what buyers want and need.

Why choose YachtBroker to sell your boat?

If you sell your boat through YachtBroker, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Broad marketing of your boat on the internet. We make sure your boat is exposed on national and international boat portals and on social media; Facebook and Instagram
  • Exposure through YachtBroker's wide range of contacts and large maritime network
  • A 100% professional company with dedicated YachtBrokers who only deal in used boats - and who all have a broad knowledge of boats, models and current boat trends
  • All sales work is handled by your local and professional YachtBroker: Showing the boat, all negotiations and drawing up the sales agreement
  • A YachtBroker who knows the market and can therefore set the right price according to the condition and vintage of the boat. This ensures a faster sale at the right price for you as a seller
  • Professional guidance through all stages of the boat sale, including payment and settlement
  • The ability to follow your boat sales closely, e.g. see statistics on how many people have viewed your boat and how many have downloaded the sales material
YachtBroker is Scandinavia's largest chain of professional boat brokers, helping hundreds of satisfied customers buy and sell boats every year.