Classic yacht

Latest classic yachts

Dansk JagtYear 1978Price: 95,000 €
Galeasen "HAABET" of Holbæk from 1906Year 1906Price: 91,800 €
Classic YachtYear 1930Price: 26,700 €
Adichats SkonnertYear 1978Price: 40,100 €

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6 great reasons to own a Classic yacht

Beauty and aesthetics:

Classic yachts often have a timeless and elegant design that can arouse admiration and excitement. They are known for their beautiful lines, fine woodwork and high-quality craftsmanship. Sailing a Classic yacht can be an aesthetic pleasure.

Historical value:

A Classic yacht often has a rich history and heritage. Many of them have witnessed exciting events or have been owned by prominent personalities. Owning a Classic yacht can be like being the guardian of a piece of maritime history.

Rarity and exclusivity:

Classic yachts are often rare and unique. There are fewer of them compared to modern sailing yachts, which can make owning a Classic yacht an exclusive and special experience. You can become part of a small community of passionate Classic yacht enthusiasts.

The sailing experience:

Although Classic yachts may require more attention and maintenance than modern boats, the sailing experience itself can be exceptional. They can have a special feeling of being closer to the water and a more traditional sailing experience.

Craftsmanship and pride:

Classic yachts have often been built with care and expertise by skilled craftsmen. Owning a Classic yacht can be a source of pride, as you are the owner of a boat that represents excellent craftsmanship and dedication to detail.

Community and events:

There are often communities of Classic yacht owners where you can meet like-minded people and participate in events and regattas specifically for Classic yachts. This can be a great opportunity to exchange experiences and share enthusiasm for these unique boats.

It is important to note that owning a Classic yacht may require extra attention to maintenance, restoration and any historical restrictions or regulations that apply to such boats. Therefore, it's important to be aware of these factors when considering buying a Classic yacht.


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