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BO BÅD - HOLLANDSK SLÆBEBÅDYear 1957Price: 144,100 €
Klinkbygget - SelvbygYear 2022Price: 53,600 €
Færge "Omøsund"Year 1962Price: 66,300 €
Bol Tjalk Nymalet dejlig husbådYear 1916Price: 146,700 €

Are you interested in non-traditional vessels?

In addition to regular sailboats and motorboats, there are a multitude of other exciting vessels that enrich our waterways and coastal areas.

For example. Rescue vessels, houseboats, ferries, or similar.

Former rescue vessels that are no longer used for rescue missions can be attractive for private use due to their robust construction, high load capacity, reliable engines, unique appearance and history, and the possibility of conversion and customization for different purposes.

Houseboats offer a unique lifestyle where the water becomes your home. Ranging from simple and functional to luxurious and stylish, these floating homes allow residents to live close to the water and embrace nature to the fullest extent. With their charm and flexibility, houseboats offer an alternative way to enjoy life on the water, combining peace and quiet with a sense of freedom.

Buying an old ferry that is no longer in use for private use can be attractive for a number of reasons. Firstly, old ferries have a large capacity and are designed to carry large amounts of passengers and vehicles, making them suitable for larger events or even as floating hotels or restaurants. Their spacious facilities can be adapted for different purposes such as housing, offices or entertainment areas. Old ferries are also known for their robust construction, making them suitable for different purposes and ensuring their durability over time. Their unique capabilities and history can add a special charm and create unique experiences. However, it's important to carefully examine the condition of the ferry and consider the costs of refurbishment, maintenance and operation before making a decision.

Whether you're interested in rescue vessels, houseboats, ferries or other specialized vessels, they all play an important role in enriching our maritime landscape and ensuring our waters remain safe, vibrant and accessible to all.


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