Latest motorsailers

Nauticat 321Year 2005Price: 160,900 €
Finsailer 29Year 1973Price: 13,300 €
Tunakrysser Ketch 35 fod (1974) - Motorsejler, kanalbåd, husbåd, tiny house - renoveret i 2020Year 1974Price: 32,800 €
Coronet Elvstrøm 38 MK2 motorsejlerYear 1985Price: 26,800 €

Are you a sail and motor enthusiast?

There are several good reasons to buy a motor sailer. A motor sailer is a type of boat that combines the characteristics of a motorboat and a sailboat. It is equipped with both an engine and sails, allowing the sailor to use both engine and sail power depending on the weather and preferences.

By using a professional boat broker like YachtBroker, you get expertise, advice and assistance throughout the entire process when looking for a motor yacht. We can help make the buying experience smoother and ensure you get the best boat for your needs.

6 good reasons to buy a motorboat

Flexibility and versatility:

A motor sailer gives you the best of both worlds. You can sail using sails, allowing you to enjoy the silence and save fuel when the weather permits. At the same time, you have an engine that can be used to provide extra power and assistance in calm weather situations or when you're heading into port.

Longer range:

With a motor sailer, you have the ability to sail longer distances than with a regular sailboat. The engine gives you extra power and stability, which can be useful if you want to explore distant destinations or cross the open sea.

Comfort and convenience:

Motorsailers are typically designed with comfort and convenience in mind. They often have more cabin space, sleeping facilities, toilets, kitchens and seating, making it more comfortable to spend longer on board.

Easy handling:

Although a motor sailer has sails, it is generally easier to handle than a regular sailboat. The engine can be used to maneuver the boat in harbors and narrow waters, giving you greater control and safety.

Increased safety:

The engine on a motorized sailboat can be an extra safety measure, especially in case of emergencies like power outages or problems with the sails. You always have a backup plan to get home safely.

Lower costs:

Although a motor sailer still requires fuel and engine maintenance, it can be more economical compared to owning both a sailboat and a separate motorboat. You can save money by having a combined solution.

It's important to note that owning a Motorsailer still involves expenses such as purchase price, fuel, maintenance, insurance and possible port fees. It's therefore important to take these factors into account when considering buying a motorboat.

Popular brands of motorboats

Beneteau: Beneteau is a renowned French boat manufacturer that produces motor sailers in various sizes and models. They are known for combining stylish design, performance and comfort on board.

Jeanneau: Jeanneau is another well-known French boat manufacturer that offers a wide range of motor sailers. Their boats are popular for their quality, innovation and versatility.

Bavaria: Bavaria is a German boat manufacturer that also makes motor sailers. Their boats are known for their reliability, quality and spacious interiors.

Hanse: Hanse is a German boat manufacturer that offers motor sailers with modern design and good performance. Their boats are popular for their spacious cabins and innovative features.

Nauticat: Nauticat is a Finnish boat manufacturer that specializes in motor sailers. Their boats are known for their solidity, comfort on board and ability to handle different weather conditions.

Fleming: Fleming Yachts is a manufacturer of luxury motor yachts. Their boats are known for their craftsmanship, comfort and performance.

Selene: Selene Trawlers specializes in the production of trawler motor yachts. Their boats are designed for long-distance sailing and fuel efficiency.

These are just some of the popular brands of Motorsailers, and there are many other manufacturers out there. It's important to research different brands, models and their specifications to find the right Motorsailer to suit your needs and preferences.


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